Find out more about Classic, 1-ON-1 Individual Eyelash Extensions Technique.

Learn how to perfect the art of 1:1 individual extensions with our Classic Fundamental course.



The very first step. This is an express version of our Classic Intensive Training Course. Want to learn everything about classic lashes in 2 days? This course teaches you how to do Classic Eyelash Extensions, whereby one single lash extension is applied to one natural lash. This is suitable for Beginners who have absolutely no experience in applying lash extensions.

Includes: Knowledge, Theory, Hands-on, Practical + Full course kit


Duration: 2 Days


Day 1 – 1pm to 5pm (Theory & Hands-on)

Day 2 – 1pm to 4pm (Live Model Practical)

Type: 1:1 Private Training (One Trainer One Student)

Price: SGD$880


You do not need any prior experience or qualifications to attend this course. Classic Fundamentals Course is designed for beginners or for those who have previously attended a course from elsewhere or completed a course awhile ago and would like a refresher.


LASHPIRE® Full Kit Included (worth up to $500):

Course Kit

70+ Pages Hardcopy Lash Manual by us (super informative with graphics!)

In-house Certificate

Exclusive Carrier Bag


24/7 WhatsApp Support
Lifetime support/mentorship
Lifetime Student Discounts on Lash Tools & Supplies
Complimentary Revisions
Lash Manual includes graphics and visuals for easy learning
Free Aftercare Guide


Classic Fundamentals training will guide you the theory and practical skills needed to create custom classic lashes personalised to your client's eye shape and design. You will learn the skills to offer semi-permanent lashes to clients who want to enhance the length of their own natural lashes. From subtle to glamorous styles, this is the foundation course for all lash artists. Once you complete this 2 day course, you'll be able to start maximising your earnings and start performing classic lash extension treatments on clients.


Once you have booked your courses, we will arrange a suitable date and time with you.

On training day at our workspace, you will receive your very own LASHPIRE® FULL KIT, Course Materials. Our lash manual consists on everything you need to know to successfully complete the course and more! It covers several modules that aim to provide you with the best learning guide possible.

On live model practical day, you will be apply a full set of lash extensions on your lash model with the guidance of our educator. She will be there with you every step of the way.

Once you've completed our courses, you will receive a certificate and we guarantee you will be able to lash with skill and confidence thereafter.


The key difference between these 2 classic lash extension courses are the number of course days, practical sessions, amount of products given in course student kit and the amount of modules in each course.

Classic Fundamentals Training is a more express course to take. It is more fast-paced.

Classic Intensive Training is a more in-depth and informative course to take. The no. of items in the kit are significantly larger and the lash manual contains much more knowledge. This is a more suitable course if you are looking for more course coverage and step by step guide in classic lash extensions.


  • Lash Manual (in-depth explanations)

  • Introduction & Learning Objectives

  • Types of Eyelash Extensions

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Eyelash Growth Cycle

  • Infills/Touch-up

  • Lash Shedding

  • Hygiene & Safety

  • Products Education

  • Client Consultation

  • Patch Tests

  • Consultation Forms

  • Appointment Procedure

  • Types of Lashes (lengths/curls/thicknesses)

  • Lash Pick Up Technique

  • Lash Placement

  • Lash Direction

  • Eye Shapes

  • Mapping & Styling

  • Lash Mapping Practices

  • Pre-application

  • Application Procedure (full step-by-step visual guide + hands-on practical)

  • Isolation & Attachment

  • Pro Tips

  • Taping Methods

  • Aftercare for Eyelash Extensions

  • Maintenance Guides

  • Retention Secrets

  • Refill Procedure (full step-by-step visual guide)

  • Removal Procedure (full step-by-step visual guide)

  • Allergies & Sensitivities

  • Contraindications

  • Health Considerations

What's in the Classic Fundamentals Course Kit?

Your kit includes supplies by LASHPIRE®:
1.     Primer
2.     Micro Brushes
3.     Hydrogel Under Eye Pad
4.     Non-woven Tape
5.     Straight Tweezer (Silver Series)
6.     Classic Tweezer (Silver Series)
7.     Spoolie Brushes
8.     Pink Silicone Lash Pad
9.     26-holes Flower Glue Palette Tray
10. Professional Glue (Premium Label)
11. Training Lashes
12. Glue Rings
13. 0.15mm Mix Length Lash Tray (D-curl)
14. 0.15mm Mix Length Lash Tray (C-curl)

Classic Fundamentals Eyelash Extensions Course